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SEO News: News Filter Added to Google Search Console and Why Blocking Special Files, such as CSS, isn’t a Good Idea!

Our SEO wizard, Tom Williams, is back with another roundup of the latest news stories from the...

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SEO News: Google Structured Data Testing Tool to be deprecated and Web Stories have got SEOs excited!

What is new, interesting and important in the world of SEO this week? Tom Williams brings us...

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We want to make this blog more useful to you. Here’s how we’re going to do it

Our Group Marketing Director, John Newton, explains how we're making blog content more useful for...

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SEO News: GoogleBot adds products to shopping cart and inside information on Search Console and Google Analytics integration!

Tom Williams is back with another batch of news from the world of SEO. Find out more about updated...

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5 Ways Your Content Marketing Might Be Sabotaging Your SEO

Are you sabotaging your SEO without even realising it? Our Senior Content Specialist, Alice Murray,...

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7 Ways to Ensure Your Content Has SEO Value

How can you ensure your content is effectively optimised for SEO purposes? Our Digital Content...

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Rhetoric in Marketing: How to Write Persuasive Content

How can we apply concepts of rhetoric in content marketing? Our Digital Content Executive, Sian...

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The Importance of Infographics in SEO

Why are infographics important? And what are the benefits of including them in your SEO strategy?...

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SEO News: A Hefty Google Algorithm, New Integrated Search Console and Google Analytics Reports, and Google Keen

Looking for the latest SEO news stories? Our Head of SEO, Tom Williams, talks us through a hefty...

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SEO News: AMP version will be used for the Page Experience Update and People Also Ask now showing 2/3x more results

What has been happening in the world of SEO? From Google's Page Experience update to People Also...

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SEO News: Google’s annual webspam report, preventing Google’s featured snippet scroll and SEMRush drops paid guest blogging service

Tom Williams is back with another roundup of the latest stories from the world of SEO. Find out...

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