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Our sector insights articles give you a sneak-peak into our industry reports. Find out how you're performing when going head to digital head against your competitors, and learn how digital solutions are poised to solve industry challenges.


Which outdoor clothing brands are climbing high with their organic visibility?

With lockdown bringing forth a new wave of outdoor enthusiasts, which outdoor clothing and leisure...

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How are Outdoor Clothing brands building their social media presence?

Which outdoor clothing retailers are conquering social media? We review which brands are striding...

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Which UK car dealerships have the strongest domain rating?

Why does domain rating matter for car dealerships? We look at which dealerships are racing ahead...

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How are Electric Vehicles changing car-buying habits?

With a ban on new, non-electric cars looming in 2030, how quickly is the UK moving over to electric...

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Why fast fashion is under threat from sustainable shopping habits

With fast-fashion brands leading ahead of the traditional high street, will sustainability concerns...

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Digital-first fashion brands set to profit most in 2022

Who is primed to profit the most from post-pandemic revenge spending? We look at why digital-first...

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Who is most visible online in the high-end fashion sector?

Who is the most fashion-forwards when it comes to organic visibility? We compare 12 top...

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How 1 second costs High Street fashion brands 20% of their conversions

What difference can a second make? When just a one second delay in load speed can lose 20% of your...

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How Next are driving in-store sales with SEO

How can "near me" searches lead to in-store visits? We find out which fashion brand is leading the...

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Athletic footwear sees boom in lockdown sales

Which footwear brands thrived in lockdown? We dive into how athletic and sports brands flourished...

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How can Timberland turn their Facebook likes into revenue?

How can a booming social presence influence footwear sales? We investigate in our latest industry...

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